Revision - lesson 9

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1. to be (past form, 1.person sing. feminine)

2. tired

3. to get a job

4. to eat (past form, 2.person sing. masculine)

5. to sleep (past form, 1.person sing. masculine)

6. to be (past form, 2.person sing. feminine)

7. to be (past form, 1.person pl. masculine)

8. to walk (past form, 1.person pl. masculine)

9. to have (past form, 3.person sing. masculine)

10. to drink (past form, 1.person pl. masculine)

11. to sleep (past form, 3.person sing. masculine)

12. to sleep (past form, 2.person sing. feminine)

13. to be (past form, 2.person sing. masculine)

14. to write a report

15. not yet

16. to eat (past form, 1.person pl. masculine)

17. working contract

18. to be (past form, 1.person sing. masculine)

19. to have (past form, 1.person sing. masculine)

20. to start one’s own business

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